Some More Astonishing New Year Customs Practiced Around The Globe!

In our previous post, we made you familiar with some of the most bizarre new year traditions practiced in different regions of the world. Hope you enjoyed learning about all those traditions. We are back with some more stunning new year customs practiced around the globe. Just like the previous ones, these traditions are sure to astonish you all over again. Mexico: You won’t believe what Mexicans are up to every new year’s eve! They follow a spooky tradition of talking to spirits on this eve. According to the Mexicans, it is the best time to communicate with the souls of their deceased family members. However, the tradition is followed legally by the locals. Once they connect with their loved ones with the help of professionals, they convey whatever message they wish to and even ask for any guidance they might be looking forward to. Talking to spiritsRussia: Russians follow an interesting tradition of planting a tree underwater so as to mark the beginning of the new year. The custom inv…